No insert option in Footer menu

I’m trying to insert a chaper name in the footer, but there is no option to insert anything in the footer menu. The only options I get are Format Footer, Border and Background, and Delete Footer. Where is the Insert option where I can insert the chapter name?

LibreOffice Writer, version
Ubuntu 13.10

Use the menu bar: Insert > Fields > Other > Chapters > Chapter name

Result: Chapter.odt

I have 4.2 installed and for me the field adapts based on the current chapter name.

It works for 4.1.5 on XP as well.

OK. It looks like it IS working in .odt format, but when I try to convert to .docx it gets wierd. The document won’t retain the paragraph style selection and the chapter name field gets converted to text that says “Chapter.” The first response was the correct answer as to where to find the option, even if it doesn’t stay saved in docx.

Export to docx is a different topic. There are gaps in this export. i would try to export to doc because MS Word can most often import doc-files and save them later as docx.

May i also suggest that you wirte a bug report under: