no option to delete a single table cell in impress

after inserting a table in impress, one can reduce its size[by deleting rows/cols] upto a single cell but cant delete that single cell after that. there is no option in the right click menu. it doesnt get removed even by cutting option. or by Del key.
Cutting the table and Del key works if cell is non empty but still feature to do so from context menu is absent. So probelm is with empty cell only.
just open a new impress doc and insert a single table cell to verify.

observed on linux, dont know about other OSes

Awkwardly, if you initially click inside the cell to enter the input mode, then click on the table border, then Del key deletes the table. You are welcome to file an enhancement request to include Delete Table into context menu (and FormatTable); or to keep Delete Row enabled for a single-row table.

Can’t understand that “or just insert a single table cell directly in impress” - it’s easily done as far as I see - just use InsertTable, or toolbar icon.

even Del key doesnt work if the cell is empty. cutting table also works if cell is non empty. so probelm is with empty cell only.

“or just insert a single table cell directly in impress” is poorly structured sentence- i meant that either reduce a bigger table to single cell or directly insert a single cell to observe the same problem.

image description

yeah it works that way, but still a bug

I can confirm this experience in LO

The ‘Del’ key seems to be exclusively used to ‘Delete’ or ‘Clear’ the contents of cells, not to delete the table.

Creating a table in Impress, I can easily select all the rows/columns and delete from Context Menu.

Delete all but one cell, and the ‘delete row/ delete column’ function disappears from the Context Menu options. Selecting the border of the cell (aka Selecting the table, itself) and hitting the Del key only serves to ‘Delete’ or ‘Clear’ the cell contents, rather than deleting the table.

However, selecting the after first clicking inside the cell (as if to enter data) and THEN clicking on the boarder results in the ability to delete the cell by hitting the Del key.

I was not able to ‘cut’ a cell to delete without first entering the cell as if to enter data.

Sounding like a bug to me.

yeah it works that way, but still a bug

bug reported tdf#130474