No Options menu in LO on OS X 12.0.1

I just installed LibreOffice on OS X 12.0.1. The Help files all direct me to the Options menu to change languages. But there is no Options menu under any of the top level menus in LO or any of the individual applications. This is so fundamentally simple I have to assume there is something I am missing. Or has it been moved? Is there current and accurate documentation somewhere?

I was hoping for help changing the input language for the keyboard, but I can’t even take the first step.

Any help appreciated!

[OT] Just out of interest: Is there any particular reason why you are using outdated versions of LibreOffice and your operating system? Current versions of LibreOffice: 7.3.1 (Fresh) / 7.2.6 (Still). Current version of macOS Monterey: 12.3.

Isn’t there Tools → Options?

Not on a Mac.

For Mac, it follows Mac guidelines, so LibreOffice > Preferences


User guides are useful, Getting started might be a good starter. There is a Writer guide specifically tailored for Mac there too; I know that you tagged the database component, base. English documentation | LibreOffice Documentation - LibreOffice User Guides


I’m not sure if I understood you correctly on this point, so maybe I’m wrong, but as far as I know you need to make certain settings in your operating system for this, not in LibreOffice.

The macOS User’s Guide says the following about this.

Typing in another language on the Mac with input sources

If you want to type in another language when you do not have a keyboard for that language, add an input source for the language and switch to that input source when you want to use the other language. You can enter text in any language that uses the same script or alphabet as the current input source.

To add input sources

  1. On the Mac, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click Keyboard and then click Input Sources.

  2. Click the button with the plus sign +, search for a language (such as “French”) or an input source (such as “Handwriting”) and select one or more sources.

  3. Click on Add.

After you add an input source, the option to display the input menu in the menu bar is automatically enabled. The input menu allows you to quickly switch between the available input sources.