No preview panel with two monitors with Impress

While running the slideshow in Impress, is it possible to have a full screen display of the sides with out the toolbars above and below and also not seeing the preview panel on the second monitor in a 2 monitor display. I would like to see one monitor with no toolbars with a fullscreen of the slide with the other monitor not hostage.

Note: Presenter Console

I think this is basically what bug report 33495 is about.

Bug 33495 - Minimizing the presenter screen while presentation is active (UI)

Status: NEW

(with workaround “How to remove…”:

LO 3.x: Extension “presenter-screen” – LO 4.0.x:

Not sure what you’re really asking - if it is about combining two monitors into one single, large display, then goto Slideshow|Slideshow settings and in the Multiple displays section pick “All monitors”.

If however you want to show the very same fullscreen presentation on all monitors, switch your monitors to “mirrored” mode (outside LibreOffice). If you never want to use the presentation console (the screen intended for the person giving the talk), then you can also uninstall/deactivate the presenter-screen extension.

In the Extension Manager for windows 7 v3.5.0rc3 I cant see how to disable or remove an extension.