No report builder extension for LibreOffice 4?

I cannot find a Report Builder extension for Base in LibreOffice 4. I have a carefully crafted database in LO 3.5 for which the report is a critical element. I tried updating LO and was horrified to find that my database reports no longer worked. I would have expected to be warned that a critical part of the suite would no longer be supported causing me a lot of time to reinstall 3.5. Please let me know so I can decided if I need to go back to OpenOffice.

I think you can find help here:

Hi @Phil_M,

Could you please explain what aspect of the Report Builder extension was working in 3.5 that’s no longer working for you in 4.0?

A loss of functionality may be reported as a bug, but it’s possible that you might just need to reinstall the extension? See the link in @mariosv’s Answer above for more details.

I have now tested all the latest LO versions (Including the new 4.0.4) and have found that report builder only works on a few versions, depending on the OS. Using Ubuntu 12.4 and 13.4 LO works, NOT LO 4.0.3! So far no other 4.x versions have worked. I didn’t use Suse very long but when I did LO 3.6 worked just fine on it, not sure about 4.x.

Does anyone know when a new working version of LO with the report builder is coming? I am still having issues with not displaying fonts correctly that I am getting tired of ‘just living with’…

You can find all version here: Index of /libreoffice/old