No right click menus

LibreOffice 7.1.4 installed via Flatpak on Chromebook, running Debian Buster 10.0 via Crostini. No right-click context menus appear. This is the only app affected in this way — everything else I’ve tried is fine.

Any cures for this? Is it a known issue?

I’ve discovered that it will, in fact, respond to right-clicks — but only if the right-click is delivered by a two-fingered click on the trackpad, not by the alternative ALT+click method which works in all other apps I’ve tried.

This applies to the Flatpak, the AppImage and the AppImage for LibreOffice Still (7.0.x) as well as 7.1.4. It also applies on a Mac running LibreOffice Still on MacOS 10.15, where Ctrl+Click is not recognised.

I conclude that, for some reason, LibreOffice now gets its right-clicks by a different mechanism that only recognises a two-fingered click on the trackpad as a right-click, not a (special key)+click method. LibreOffice 6.4 running on MacOS 10.15 does work correctly, so the change was probably introduced in the 7.x series of LO.

The menu commonly called the right click menu is the context menu.

Can you get the context menu from the right click of a mouse, not an alternative keyboard method?

Right-click menu only means anything for a mouse or trackpad, best to use the correct term, context menu.

The trackpad driver can often offer extra ways to pass a command.

The LibreOffice shortcut for the context menu is Shift+F10