No sound at all

I’m using linux and I don’t have sound even from the gallery or from pps.
My libreoffice version is on ArchLinux.
On Arch wiki I have to install gstreamer plugins. I installed the following:
gst-libav 1.4.5-1
gst-plugins-base 1.4.5-1
gst-plugins-base-libs 1.4.5-1
gst-plugins-good 1.4.5-1
gst-plugins-ugly 1.4.5-1
gstreamer 1.4.5-1
gstreamer-properties 3.4.0-2
gstreamer0.10 0.10.36-4
gstreamer0.10-base 0.10.36-3
gstreamer0.10-base-plugins 0.10.36-3
gstreamer0.10-good 0.10.31-6
gstreamer0.10-good-plugins 0.10.31-6
phonon-qt4-gstreamer 4.8.2-1

But with no luck. Any idea?

Well, I found out that the links for the sound on ‘gallery’ are broken.
There are no files at .config/libreoffice/4/user/gallery/sounds/
So this is a bug.

There are some pps files where I have sound. So I think this post is closed…