No sounds in Impress v5.2

I have upgraded to LO5.2.2.2 and I am delighted to find that the Impress custom animations which were broken previously are working again.
However, I can’t get any sounds to play. Whether sound files are inserted into the slide, or selected in the slide transition, no sound. When I try to insert any sound (mp3, wav, ogg) into the slide, I am told ‘The format of the selected file is not supported.’ Transition sounds, even the standard ones such as apert, remain silent.
Anyone else having similar problems?

Ubuntu 16.04, LO5.2.2.2

I’ve got to make a presentation this evening. Getting a bit urgent. Do I have to choose between sounds and animations? Any ideas appreciated.

Should I be reporting this as a bug?

First try, then for ways to control per-app volume, it might be the case.

Since gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg was discontinued after 12.04 LTS, you might be lacking FFmpeg/avconv.

sudo apt-get install ffmpeg

and try sounds again.

Thanks, rautamiekka, but alas …

The first link might be out of date. There is no ‘auto’ button in the latest version. In the equivalent position, the choices are Full Screen/Window/Loop and Repeat, none of which seem relevant.

In the second case, Settings-Audio tells me no application is playing sound. I see no way here of addressing a particular app.

Finally I already have the latest version of ffmeg.

The ‘not supported’ message suggests to me something in the program, not the settings.

Might this be a problem with Ubuntu 16.04 rather than LibreOffice? I have now tried numerous back versions of LibreOffice, and none work, but another computer running 14.04 works with LO It may be that the problem started when I upgraded to 16.04. The media play OK with VLC, videos, rhythmbox etc.
Some problem with codecs or something - beyond my field of knowledge.

It’s possible.

the test play button during custom animation sound selection, activates the sound correctly. the problem only shows during a slideshow (on fedora 24 libre office 5.2) sound file saved in same folder as the odp file and manually linked to the same file, or linked to the .conf/gallery folder path or a standard sound being selected. the same file works fine on windows libre office 5.2

the same issue 5 yrs ago