No styles will create a first line indent anymore

For some reason, all of the styles that used to create a first line indent have stopped doing it. I’ve looked at the style properties and everything looks right i.e. first line indent is selected and the value there sometimes reads 1.27cm and sometimes reads 3.63 ch.
I’m not sure what happened. It started after I created a custom style.

Also, using the “tab” key doesn’t create an indent either.

I’ve also tried creating a manual indent by dragging the marker on the ruler (which still works), selecting my newly indented paragraph, and then “updating style from selection” to no avail. I’m really stuck.

By chance, did you accidentally activate bullet/number (with no bullet character or number) on this paragraph style? If so, the bullet/number style takes precedence over the paragraph style for everything related to the left properties.

I just uninstalled and reinstalled the program and it seems to be fixed. Just had to do some reconfiguring. I’m glad I didn’t have a ton of custom styles set up or I would be a little ticked off.

I’m glad I didn’t have a ton of custom styles set up

Reinstall wouldn’t have hurt your custom styles. Custom styles are stored in documents and templates, not in application setup.Uninstall/reinstall will not remove or change your docs or templates.