No support for Inking/Annotating of µS-office files

I tried a few old files, and it looks like Inking/Annotating in µS-office files (as old as office 97) is still not supported in Version 5.2.

Is Inking/Annotating support of µS-office files something we can expect in the near future?

PS: LibO-Version does not show anotations for me.

I generated a DOCX file (Word 2016), and LibO didn’t show any signs of the positioning-frames containing the anotations, nor the anotations itself.

The ODCX file saved as DOC (2003 Word) provided at least the positioning-frames that contain the anotations, but still without anotations.

The files are not corrupt and was displayed the anotations in Word 97, 2003 and 2016, when I tested the file.