No templates on Templates & Extensions site?

Maybe I’m doing something wrong, it wouldn’t be the first time, but I wanted to see if I could find a template that would serve my purpose better than the built-in ones. I went to the link on the online help page for the templates/extensions website and all I see are extensions. (I don’t know if it matters, but the link on the page automatically redirects to a different address.) I found a couple of cool ones that I think will be very useful, but there’s nary a template in sight.

I went to the link on the online help page

The link behind that is your local system file:///Applications/ - but thanks to that we know you are working on macOS and you are using Offline help.

Additionally, when going to different address I see 421 templates

image description

which is more than “nary”.

Like I said, maybe I’m doing something wrong. Thanks for not making me feel stupid, reeeeeaaaally appreciate that.

Site templates in Portuguese / Brazil.