Non-breakable slash

I write a sentence with words: “50 km/h” and it gets broken at the end of the line: “50 km/h”.

There are two slashes: This breakable fraction slash / (2044) and then a nonbreakable division slash “∕” (U2215) but it has a different shape than normal fraction slash. (It is a problem because of other occurrences of fractions in text.)

“50 km/h” fraction slash
“50 km∕h” division slash

So question: How to make some part of text nonbreakable without using strange characters with different shapes or inserting extra spaces or other formating.

I think there is not any systematic way. So if I am positive, please confirm. :slight_smile:

Encircle slashes with word joiners (U+2060), i. e. replace km/h with km⁠/⁠h (try copying/pasting from here).

In 7.x releases, you can also Insert>Formatting Mark>No-width No break which gives U+2060.

Thanks for this comment. I did not know that the joiner is available from the menu.

You’re welcome

A remark: the menu item is present in too. I find the name of no-width no break a bit misleading (a conventional Unicode point name would be better), but it works anyway.

I agree that usual the standard Unicode name would be much better.