Non-printing characters

What setting(s) do I change to be able to see non-printing characters in Writer? Because I supposedly have it on “show”, by having clicked on the paragraph icon at the top of Writer, but paragraph, space, and indent characters are still not showing up.

I am currently using LibreOffice_4.4.5_Win_x86.

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Please check here.

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See 2 methods attachments.

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image description

unable to view prior answer so i’ll start from scratch. the show non printing characters can be toggled to show or hide the non printing paragraph, tab, space & line break symbols. unfortunately column & page break are not shown as UNIQUE symbols. this becomes a nightmare in a document which includes multiple frames within a page containing multiple columns as one must guess which paragraph symbol is causing an undesired page or column break. this has been mentioned in this venue before but i don’t know if an enhancement request has been submitted. if not, i hope someone will as i am unable to use bugzilla @ this time. good luck

incidentally, does anyone find it strange that column & page breaks are shown differently