Non sequential dates

LibreOffice Version (64)
Is there a way of not having to enter a full date when entering expenses from a bank statement.
I have a nice spreadsheet of 13 sheets, one for totals of all expenses and income each month, and 1 sheet for each month, for our house-hold bank account. The spread sheet covers the bank account, only for the running of the house, not personal spending. There are four family memebers who pay into that bank account and live in the house. I work from the bank statement and input each month. Instead of having to type dd/mm/yyyy ( 10/11/2021) for each entry, can that be short cut. For example when in a particular month, is there a way to just putting in the day as shown in the bank statement (10) and have the full date show up?

Under Tools → Options → Language Settings → Languages, to Date acceptance patterns append the D/ pattern, so at the end type ;D/

Type upper case D because due to a bug a lower case d would lead to a garbled duplicated input field when entering the / character, which is fixed for 7.1.7