Normal text style when exporting to Word


This is probably a beginner question, but, how do I make sure that exporting to Word generates the “Normal” text style for my paragraphs?

Context: I work in ODT but when I send the Word document to my client, he only wants me to use the standard styles for the text, because it makes it easier for him to change the formatting when needed.

This works fine for Headings but Text Body converts to “Text Body.” I tried to change it to Normal in ODT, but it exports as “LO-Normal.” I don’t know how to change the paragraph styles used in Word, so I need to do it in LO before I export.

What’s the correct way?



Word’s “Normal” maps to LibreOffice’s “Default” paragraph style. So if you need your body text to result in Word’s “Normal”, you are destined to do a very unfortunate thing: use Default style in Writer.

What can I say… Only that your peer doesn’t know their tool. LibreOffice’s “Text Body” style maps to another - standard - Word’s style, named “Body Text”. It is not shown by default in Word’s styles list, but it is there, which is clear if in Word one creates a new document, opens Style pane, and makes it show all styles. So your peer is wrong claiming that your document arrives with “non-standard” styles.

What else can I say. Here is a good example of Word’s usability, hiding the powerful tools it has from its users.

I’m the one who used “standard.” He just said that he wants the text to be in Normal paragraph style. So I’ll change al my Text Body occurrences to be Default in the DOCX document and I hope that will take care of the problem.

I suspect that he has an automated tool that works with Normal because that what… errr… normal Word users use.