Norwegian PC but want LO interface in English

Hi is it possible to have the UI for LibreOffice as English on a PC with a Norwegian version of Windows?

I have tried downloading LO en(GB) plus the UK language pack but each time LO installs with a Norwegian UI. There is no option in LO to change the “Brukergrensesnitt” to en(GB) or indeed any other language.

LibreOffice, OS Windows 7 Professional Norwegian (Bokmål).
Thanks in advance

The option for UI language is the first in:

Menu/Tools/Options/Language Settings/Languages.

This only works if you have installed alternative languages during installation or after installation by running the installer again.

OK problem solved: if LO is already installed, start the installer again and choose “Endre”. From here it is possible to select another UI language and install that. Start up LO after you have done this and choose the alternative UI language from the list.

So why when I have downloaded LibreOffice 4 lang en(GB) installation package does the installer then ignore this and install in LO UI in the default language of the PC. What actually is the point of having a language specific download if the language of the installation package is not used during installation?

Can I suggest that if there is a difference between the install package language and the PC UI language, then the installer should ask a question as to which UI language(s) you want to install?

(1) Release Notes: “The distribution for Windows is an international build, so you can choose the user interface language that you prefer.”

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