Not able to Configure the build

I have followed the steps given in the link “” for configuring the build.

When I try to execute “./” in cygwin, I am getting the following error.

256901@01HW419287 /cygdrive/d/projectStuff/lo/core
$ ./
./ line 1: $’:\r’: command not found
'unning ./configure with ’
configure: WARNING: you should use --build, --host, --target
configure: WARNING: invalid host type:

  • Running LibreOffice build configuration.

configure: error: cannot run /bin/sh ./config.sub
Error running configure at ./ line 187.
Can someone please help me in building the LibreOffice solution in my machine.

OP: @Rajamouli

Oh, with build-problems, you should go directly to the developers’ irc-channel, there you’ll be helped much more promptly than here, especially as there will likely be questions asked back-and-forth to get to the detail why it did actually fail.

But the message is quite strange. the “r” should be part of the message that is just echoed to the terminal, i.e. it should print "running ./configure with ". Does it make a difference when you use perl explicitly (the is a perl-script)

But don’t answer here, join #libreoffice-dev on and describe the problem. Alternatively mail the developers’ mailing list: subscription is not required (you’ll receive replies to your post even if you aren’t subscribed. Just make sure to use “reply to all” when answering any questions asked)