Not able to start libre office in KALI GNU/LINUX 1.1.0

i am not able to start libre office in my KALI linux instead of following all commands in the terminal properly…
i have executed “dpkg -i *.deb” in my DEBS folder …
it runs and stops after some time but still the libre office is not showing in my applications → office…
please help…
i even tried in terminal… libreoffice , soffice , libreoffice4.4 etc
please help

On my ancient Debian 6.0 system:

  • Desktop links:
    :~$ ls /usr/local/share/applications/libreoffice4.4*

(The key feature is the presence of Office in the Categories= section)

  • Key location:
    :~$ locate soffice.bin


If you do not already have it, install mlocate (for the ‘locate’ command as above). Once installed, mlocate is updated daily (on my system via the cron file /etc/cron.daily/mlocate, which is a BASH script to run the updatedb facility). If you have only just added/changed your system, then run that script yourself as root, else you will not find anything new.

If you still cannot find anything then examine the error log in your system (typically /var/log/messages for root) to find what went wrong.

If this helps then please tick the answer (:heavy_check_mark:).

You must run sudo updatedb before you can use locate, and if you need locate anytime later, the same command must be run.