Not able to start .odb file when clicking on the file or shortcut

I have created a database which works fine on my PC. When I start the file by choosing the shortcut or the file itself, Base opens the file directly.

I installed the odb file for another user. When the odb file is started then first the Database Wizard comes up where I have to select the database to start…

How can I start the odb file directly??

Apparently, something is not set up correctly on that machine. What is the operating system? Did you give them a shortcut or do they click on the actual odb file? “I installed the odb file for another user.” Does this simply mean you copied the file to their PC, or something more complex? Is the file on a shared drive over a network, or simply the local hard drive? Is it split or embedded?

OS is win 7 Pro, copied the file to the home share of the user where only the user account has access to.
I registered the database. It’s an HSQLDB embedded DB. I created a shortcut for this user.