Not able to view Data option in View Menu

Dear All

I am working on Ubuntu 18 and using Libre Office Version 6.03
I am not able to view the Data option in the View Menu.
Neither the registered databases show when I press the “F4” button.
Is there any bug in the latest version bundled with Ubuntu 18.04
I have got Base installed in my system and have successfully created and registered the database, but when I access it in the writer, I am not able to see any option available.
It was perfectly working in Version 5, that I was working in Ubuntu 16.04.
Appreciate your help in advance
Abhinav Aggarwal


Have had other problems in Base using LO distro version in Ubuntu (Mate) 18.04.

Removed that and installed PPA version (v6.0.6.2) using → LibreOffice Fresh . Problems went away.

Have just tested DB access from Writer using this version and registered DB’s are available.