not enough space on sheet

copy range of cells from one sheet to another

In Calc, each sheet can have a maximum of 1,048,576 rows (65,536 rows in Calc 3.2 and earlier) and a maximum of 1024 columns. If your .csv file has more than these limits you will get message like that.

If you are copying a range of cells from one Calc sheet to another and you select every cell from A1 to the limit of the spreadsheet A1:AMJ1048576 then the only cell you can select to paste into in the new sheet is A1.

If you select just the range of filled cells, typically they don’t extend to the far limits of the sheet, you have more flexibility as to where you can start your paste. To make this selection you can select the top leftmost cell of your intended range, hold down SHIFT and select the bottom rightmost cell of your filled range (or select the top leftmost cell and CTRL+SHIFT+END). You can now copy these to another sheet starting in any cell so long as none of the pasted cells would overlap the sheet edge.

I like the +end select because the view will scroll to the end, telling me if some roque characters got stuck down where they shouldn’t be, which would befuddle a paste if you thought it should fit.