"not enough space to install" (2.3GB)

I’m reinstalling LO after removing it in a (failed) attempt to make enough space on my teeny laptop for windows updates. But now I’m getting a “not enough space” error when installing. There seems to be plenty of room according to the specs …


Yes, help already here. I think it’s a Windows problem. Try delete more data from your disk(s)

You really need some space for actually installing and running the operating system and LibreOffice.

Either add or increase the size of your HDD/SSD or, if you are on Windows, run LO off a flash drive (get a fast flash drive that is not over-specified for your computer). See Portable versions on LibreOffice website and the linked portableapps website.

If you are on Windows, you need between 2GB and 11GB free space to install updates, depending on the update, see Free up drive space on Microsoft Support page

Currently, Windows 10 needs 32GB just for Windows. I don’t know if that includes space for temporary files. It used to be that you needed around 10% free space (so at least 3.2GB) for Windows to work properly. That is before adding programs and data files. I have tried using Windows on systems with very little free space, it goes badly indeed.

Replacing the HDD/SSD with a larger one might be the best option, most manufacturers of new SSDs have clone programs to do a low level transfer of data from your old drive to a new one.

The cheapest option is to run LibreOffice portable off an external drive or flash drive. Cheers, Al