Not sure how to use placeholder fields in templates.

Argggghh I am missing something simple…

I created a simple template in Writer and added a placeholder text field. I thought that when I created a new document using the template that I would get some sort of input box or something to fill out that would then replace the placeholder field. Instead all I get is the placeholder field itself. So what am I missing? How do I get data in the placeholder field?

I was using the placeholder fields - not sure I understand what they are versus the input fields. Will try the input fields as that makes the most sense… sigh, sorry to bug everyone with such a simplistic issue.

My goal was/is to generate a “status report” template that I could use to fill out different sections automagically by entering text in an input box or something.

A placeholder is a cue to enter something. For a text placeholder, the “placeholder” is the text cue. The placeholder reference is a tool tip for the field. To replace the placeholder with your text click once on the field and just type your text. Take a look at input list and input field too.

Gotcha - I guess I was over thinking the problem. Thanks for your help.

So I did Insert/Fields/Other, tab Variables/User Field, picked format Text and filled in a Name and Value. I saved the document as a template.

I opened the template and double-clicked on the field and changed the Value in the Edit Fields: Variables box that appeared. The text changed.

What did you do?