Notes formatting lost in presenter view

It appears that almost all formatting is lost from notes when in presenter view.

Is there any way to overcome this problem?

In Impress, when a presentation is exposed from multiple screens. Mode text notes does not respect the separation between paragraphs and between the lines. It is a problem because reading is difficult. The text should be in the same format that is given to write the note. I beg move this bug to the developers.
Below is a link to the screenshot so you can see what I mean:

En español:
En la aplicación Impress, cuando se expone una presentación desde pantallas múltiples. En el modo notas el texto no respeta la separación entre párrafos y entre lineas. Es un problema porque se dificulta la lectura. El texto debería verse con el mismo formato que se le da al escribir la nota. Ruego trasladen este bug a los desarrolladores.
A continuación un enlace al pantallazo para que se vea lo que quiero decir:

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I’ve found a helpful workaround for this until a solution becomes implemented in an upcoming release.

Scenario: I format my notes so they are intuitive and easy for me to see things I’ve highlighted or would like to pay special attention to… but my choice to use LibreOffice for my presentation over a commercial-smoke-and-mirrors has stripped away option of retaining the formatting of my notes. (At least currently)

Solution: I CAN get LibreOffice to respect paragraph separations IF I leave an empty space between them (think of an old school Carriage Return). Example: If I simply press ‘Enter’, ‘Space’, and ‘Enter’, I should see a space between my paragraphs. (So my ‘inbetween’ paragraph contains a single space.)

In this manner, I can at least separate my thoughts a little better. In place of highlighting, LibreOffice DOES respect capital letters, so I’ve found that using:

  2. “** Prefacing with asterisks”
  3. “!! Enclosing in Exclamation Points !! also helps.”
  4. “-( There are a number of ways )- that you can Implement to help break up your notes and make
    them more readable at a glance.”
  5. It also helps me to spread my notes over multiple-duplicates of a slide. Audience only sees the slide
    (no transition) but I see a fresh section of notes on my ‘presenter view’ screen.

Again, this doesn’t FIX the problem, but it is a work-a-round that helps get me by. I have Powerpoint & Keynote… but I’d rather use Linux/LibreOffice because I like the opensource way, the heart/passion/drive that went into giving us this level of software, and the challenge.

So, until this gets fixed in a future release, have fun using some of these old school advertisement tricks people used to use in the ‘Want Ads’ of something we called a ‘newspaper.’

Hope this helps.