Notes in Writer?

In Writer ( whenever I save a file I get the message: “This document contains: Notes. Do you still want to continue saving this document.” NO is the default. What the heck are “notes”? There’s nothing in Help about “notes”. I don’t use foot- or endnotes. Why is there a caution issued which uses a term that can’t be found in any menu or Help? Usability issue!

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Might be referring to Comments.
See this post here.

Yes. That was it. I deleted Comment insertions in the document and the problem disappeared. Seems that LibreOffice needs to clean up their terminology to eliminate the confusion caused by “Notes” when they’re referring to “Comments”.

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Disable the message using
Menu/Tools/Options/LibreOffice/Security - Security Options and Warnings - Options - Security Warnings.

Solution I found from another post: