Noticed a CALC offset error

Linux LibreOffice v6.4.7.2
OFFSET has an error when the 1st arg is a named range that refers to a column not a single cell.

If all args are fully specified it works as expected using the first cell referenced in the named range.

If however the length and width of the returned array are not specified (which default to 1,1), then it does not matter what is input for the row arg, the result is always the same cell value.

Obviously, the workaround is to specify all args, but unintended errors can occur if you don’t know, so could this be flagged for future fix please.

Thank you
from longtime grateful user of LO CALC

We are users on this site. If it is a bug you should report it on the the bug site, see Ask/Getting started. Cheers, Al

Syntax OFFSET is:

OFFSET(Reference; Rows; Columns [; Height [; Width]])

What do you mean by “length”? If “length” is Height, then the default is the number of rows in the Reference range.