Number 1 changes to 12 months

I am new using LibreOffice. I made a budget spreadsheet. The spreadsheet has 2 due date columns . Its been working fine but today (5-30-21) The monthly bills column started changing the number 1 to (12 Months). The credit cards due date columns automatically subtract one from the number entered. So, If I type20, it shows 19. The format on both columns are (Format/ date/ general). I downgraded the previous version. The problem wont go away.

You don’t need to accept the suggested “12 Months”, you can carry on typing. But to avoid the issue entirely there are two possibilities, you could adopt either one:

  • rename your column title to something
    else, e.g. “Months (12)” or “Rolling
    Year” or
  • Unhighlight Tools > AutoInput

I would suggest using the ISO Date format YYYY-MM-DD.