Number of Copies to Print - in sub-menu??

Starting fairly recently (I am now using LibO in Ubuntu 20.04) LibreOffice doesn’t offer me to select the number of copies to print in the first window after Ctrl+P.

I need to go: Range & Copies > More before I can see & select the number of copies.
This is really annoying as I need to do that nearly every time I want to print.

Every other application (OK - I didn’t check every one) offers me to select the number of copies straight from the first window.

Did I miss something?
Can I change something?

Does nobody else think this is wrong?
Should I raise a Bug Report?

Thanks for any suggestions!


you are not the first one being annoyed by this. And it wasn’t that way some time ago. By then some people were annoyed by the fact due to their screen size (<=768 pixels) they were not able to print at all. The print dialog simply was too high for their screens. You see the catch-22 situation?

Anyway: There is bug report tdf#133458 Number of copies is hard to change (in the print dialog box).


  • No you did not miss anything
  • Yes - there are people thinking the same way and most probably agree with you that it is wrong (not incl. me, but thist is just that I almost never need more than 1 or 2 copies of a document).
  • List item
  • No - it is not necessary to add an aditional bug report, because most probably it will be closed as “DUPLICATE” it the report mentioned above.

Hope that answer your question.