Numbering 123 style not applied

Changing the style element “numbering 123” does not have an impact on existing nor subsequently created numbered lists. What must be done to change things such as indentation on numbered lists?

List styles are only a part of the story to create lists. The name of this style category was badly chosen (personal opinion). They only define a counter (think of it as a kind of name for the counter) and how this counter is formatted.

A list item is a paragraph formatted by a paragraph style to which a “list style”, i.e. a counter, has been attached.

If you change Numbering 123 “list” style, it will affect only paragraph styles which have been associated to it.

From your question, I guess that you created your lists with the toolbar button. This direct formatting does not use any named list style to avoid bad interferences between carefully crafted list styles and this quick’n’dirty kind of list. The “list style” for the toolbar button is an unnamed style you can customise through Format>Bullets & Numbering.

Creating custom lists is probably the most difficult task in LO Writer because it involves several style categories with attributes overriding similar ones in other categories. Until the user understand the interactions, this seems insurmountable.

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