Numbering of crossreferences is bad

I just tried to using fields with my example numbers and cross references to it. However, from example 4 onwards, whenever I want to cross reference to example 4 it appears as example 3, to example 5 as example 4. I cannot find for the life of me why that is. Can anybody help me?

If you really want to get effetive help, help us first. Edit your question (don’t use an answer, this is not a forum site) to be matter-of-fact.

  • What is your OS? LO version?

  • How do you number your examples?

  • How do you cross-reference them? (there are many ways to do it, so be specific)

The best way to get a diagnostic is to attach a sample file with the faulty behaviour. For taht, while editing, use the paperclip tool.

By the way, a doubel key press of Enter results in a paragraph break here (a single Enter is not enough).

Last, but not least, you don’t need to be rude, otherwise you risk to be censored.

Sometimes when I insert a cross reference earlier than existing ones the other numbers don’t change instantly; they always correct themselves when I Save the file.

A trap I fall in to from time to time when I’m in a rush is not changing back to Insert reference to Reference for the next item after asking it to Insert Page for the previous ref. so I appear to be referring to the wrong item, the link still works however. Could this have happened?

Cheers, Al

@EarnestAl: I don’t understand the description of your procedure. Are you talking about cross-references or auto-numbered captions? Anyway, if the update doesn’t occur quickly enough, you can Tools>Update All.

In case you experience a real nuisance, ask your own question (eventually citing, = linking to, this one) and attach a sample file for ananlysis.

Just gently pointing out the possibility of user error :slight_smile: