Numeric formula returns strange result

The following formula, entered in a blank cell (Cell E48 on sheet 5 in a Calc spreadsheet) returns the result .08381706 - but the manually calculated value is 84.08
The formula is =102.3*((0.0299*13+0.0051*7.5*7.5)^0.5)
I’m running version, and have used the quotation marks to indicate verbatim transcription.
I had previously used essentially the same formula, but entered the numeric values by pointing to other cells where these values appeared, either as numeric entries or as formula results, with the same erroneous result. I’ve used the same operators in other places and in different combinations without problem.
I’ve also stepped through the formula step by step using F9, and each individual operation (other than the final operation - multiplication by 102.3) shows an accurate result.
Should I be looking for some hidden or concealed entries in the cell or affecting the cell? How?
Is this a bug? Or does someone have another explanation?

Your Formula returns 84.0838170622 which seems correct !


Same result as @Karolus with 84,0838170622

Also I can confirm the same result in on XP. I also can recommend to use Tools > Detective to see which cells are linked to each other.

Resultado correto 84,0838170622 ( WinXP + LibO ).