Numeric keypad and shift key

Tools>Customize allows to define keyboard shortcuts.

The numeric keypad can be used to alleviate the variation in national keyboards where the digits may require the use of the Shift key. Thus Ctrl+0 (via keypad) is always associated with Text Body without the need to press (or not) the Shift key on the main section of the keyboard.

I’d like to use the Shift key on the numeric keypad to be able to select “variants” of styles, i.e. Ctrl+0 would give Text Body and Ctrl+Shift+0 Default Character Style.

Unfortunately such key combinations are disabled (grayed out).

  • I know that Shift+NumKey is not at all a digit but an equivalent for cursor movement (and vice versa when NumLock is not active). In this case, should I associate my shortcut to Ctrl+Ins (= Shift+Num 0)? But this would conflict with some “movements” like Ctrl+ to move left to beginning of previous word.

  • Could it be that the OS itself or the active locale will not allow such combinations because of the dual functions on the numeric keypad due to the Shift key?

OS: Linux 5.11.7

Distro: Fedora 33


I don’t think locale is relevant because I work under several locales and the key combination is grayed out in all.


To make sure, I change the locale to en_US to make sure and rebooted the computer. The numeric shift combinations are still grayed out.

Not grayed out for me. LibreOffice (x86); OS: Windows 6.1.

image description

image description

Mayusculas if for Shift.

No hablo español con fluidez pero puedo leerlo :wink:

Are those shortcuts not already associated with LibreOffice? Not for me.

The Ctrl+Num are preset as for you and I can change them. But Ctrl+Shift+Num are grayed out. I can’t even use predefined Ctrl+Shift+`0. I would like to change this one to Default Character style which I use much more. I never use Default Paragraph Style because I format exclusively with styles.

I can change Ctrl+Shift+0 to Default Character, but only works with the numbers in the alphanumeric
top row.

Ctrl+Shift+numpad 0 = Ctrl+Insert.

Why not Ctrl+Alt+Num?

Sometimes people get very tired and do not see the obvious! I have no particular preference for Shift and Alt or Ctrl+Alt will do equally well (these combinations are not grayed out).

But anycombination with Shift+Num on the keypad will not work. Ctrl+Alt+Shift is not grayed out, nor Alt+Shift, but no luck on the keypad.

So, I’ll use another modifier but I’d like to know why Shift does not work. Is this because the Shift modifier has already been intercepted by the OS to manage both modes of the keypad?

Yeah, I’m pretty keen to know this, too, because I want to emulate the key combination for numbering/bullets used by google docs, which is Shift+Ctrl+7/8.

Those keys work fine in google docs, so I wonder why they are greyed out in Libre office on Linux.

It turns out that you can still set shortcuts on the greyed-out keys in Libreoffice by editing the key config file as follows:

  • Apply function you want to a key that is similar. For example if you want to set a shortcut key on Shift+Ctrl+7, then instead apply set the function you want to Shift+Ctrl+Alt+7.
  • From the key change window, click “Save” and save the key .cfg to a file.
  • Unzip that file (or double-click it to open with archive manager)
  • Browse into the archive contents to find current.xml which will contain all the shortcut keys in text format.
  • Find the key you want to change and change it. For example, if you set Shift+Ctrl+Alt+7 above then you’ll find a line in that file that looks something like this:

    <accel:item accel:code=“KEY_7” xlink:href=".uno:DefaultNumbering" accel:shift=“true” accel:mod1=“true” accel:mod2=“true”/>

  • Simply remove the 'accel:shift=“true” ’ bit to make it work with only ctrl and alt.
  • Save the xml file and zip up the archive again (if you’ve opened it with archive manager, it will offer to update the zip with your changes automatically.
  • Go back to Libreoffice and Load that .cfg file.
  • You’re done.

This works for all the greyed out keys I’ve tried except for Ctrl+Shift+8, for some unknown reason.

I’d love to know why only Ctrl+Shift+8 key doesn’t work. Anyone know about this?

Shift+Ctrl+Alt+8 also doesn’t work, even though it’s not greyed out.