Objects added by JabRef are undeletable

Hello there,

First I’ve been trying to fix this problem with JabRef team, but it seems that it is a common problem to JabRef and LO.

Alright, so, I used JabRef to add references to my .odt document. However, after a while I needed to fix my references, so I started adding the same references through JabRef’s cite button on its LO connector i.e. (Fagella 2019) before already existing identical references i.e. (Fagella 2019) and then delete the old (second) citation. What this should have done is remove the second object, and retain the first one, in the Navigator’s [References] list item.

However, what this did was to add multiple objects in the [References] list item with the same keys i.e. JR_cite0_1_Fagella2019. Now, when I delete one of the cited references in the text, it only removes one of these objects, and the rest remain there.

You can see the picture to understand what’s going on. Even though I deleted the JabRef citations for Azoulay and Fagella and replaced them with regular text (which deleted one object per citation in the Navigator), each citation has two more objects in the Navigator that cannot be deleted.

This messes up with my JabRef sync, since it thinks there are objects according to the name, but there are no such objects, thus it cannot synchronize my references list and throws errors.

The sad thing is that I cannot delete these objects directly from the navigator. Or maybe I can, but I cannot see any way to do this.

Could you please help me? This messed up with my references, and I don’t want to redo the whole document just because I cannot delete some objects in a document. Is there another way to explore objects in a document and manage/delete/edit them?