OCR to take information from a scanned document, and automatically write it into cells with a macro

I often have to transcribe ID information, I sometimes make mistakes and, I would like to know if it is possible to have a macro that does it for me, a macro that takes into load the OCR reading of these documents, and paste this information in calc cells.

Which type of ID informations do you mean? Barcode? or other?

Or you want to scan whole and large textual documents and you want to mine some information from it?

A full OCR for generic “text” is a bit much for a “macro”. Do you already have a OCR on your computer?
It may be possible to connect to an external OCR and use the results, but without al lot more details you will not get any useful answers.
BTW: Also ocr has errors, depending on the source of your characters (quality of the scan, font etc…)

The office suite can’t do this

LIBREOFFICE is better than any other office suite, and I let myself think that if we manage to do this in excel, so here is the link, we can always do it better with libreoffice, so thanks for the answer, but I will wait for a better than that one.

for scan whole and large textual documents

Where is the source code of that Visual Basic program? With the source code it might be trivial to dump the text into Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw or into some database instead of Excel.

it’s the same question that I ask myself in my life, and I’m not a programmer I’m looking for help, if someone knows how to do the same thing on calc, it will be good

For the first Video the Routine ist visible at 0:24 Seconds. It shows an external call to tesseract.exe Therefore a similiar appoach via shell is possible in LibreOffice via shell().

The Seconds Video actually has the Code also in the description of the Video. It uses emgu.cv a wrapper for openCV wich itself calls tesseract. I guess it is possible to use a Python-Lib to access openCV directly, instead of using an additional wrapper to .NET

under linux, can you do this for us? Please

%$# &*#, please

So the first result is, neither Excel nor Calc can do OCR.
Both programs can call external Software, so If you have OCR in your Computer, you may use this via comand line / shell() or a wrapper lib.

A Lot of people can do this, but as you never answered the Initial questions about your real Problem and only by accident revealed you are on Linux (without distribution and Desktop) I’m not tempted… Also have not used/needer OCR for years.

ok, i do it

I am under linux mint cinamon, I would like to have the possibility of scanning passports or identity cards to directly find the personal information of these documents, on a calc workbook, and this with a macro, so that I have more time to live

Note there are implications for your intended use; you might be contravening privacy laws in your country, copying passports is illegal in some countries.

You probably already have OCR software in the Linux Mint repository, probably even Tesseract which is mentioned in two of the clips. See this third party site for a list, List of Top 5 Open Source OCR Tools

Once the OCR has recognised the text you can save it, or copy it and paste it wherever you want.

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