ODBC components needed in Win10 x64 OS. Where available?

Where & how to get ODBC components for various DBS formats, including MS Access? I’m running LibreOffice v6.0.3.2 (x64) under MS Win 10 x64 OS. TIA.

Going to try this from MS: [Download Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 Redistributable from Official Microsoft Download Center]
But don’t know which to use, the 64 bit, or 32 bit version, under my Win 10 x64 OS

@MultiMuse That was one of the possibilities in my answer. Probably a link you did not follow. Use that with 64-bit LO & 64-bit JRE (or JDK) installed.


Libre Base has Access connector already available. This only allows you use of tables and in some cases queries. Forms & reports are not accessible. You should also note this connector currently works only with 32-bit LibreOffice. There are at least two outstanding Bug reports on this.

See: How to connect to a Microsoft Access database

There are also two other possible solutions when using the 64-bit LO. See this answer & relevant links → I got error “The connection to the data source “DB file name” could not be established.”.

As for other DB’s, you should obtain these from the relevant source. For example, for MySQL → Download Connector/ODBC.

Edit 2018-04-20:

Frustration is not having someone post the correct question in the first place. Comments in ‘Answer’ given & not really an answer, are totally different than the original question. Also not looking at links in answers doesn’t help. Have been connecting to Access DB’s for years now in Linux using above posted methods. Recently used the JDBC connection in Win 10 64-bit. Others have also used the JDBC connector without problem.

OK - step by step (please follow links where applicable):

  1. Whether Linux or Windows, Java JRE must be installed (JDK will also work but is larger download/install). 32-bit JRE for 32-bit LO; 64-bit JRE for 64-bit LO

  2. Verify settings in LO - see answer in this post → Java problem

  3. For Linux & Win 10 using LO 64-bit, install & connect to Access using JDBC. This is done with ‘UCanAccess’ connector and step-by-step instructions are provided in my answer on this post → mdb files not loading to base Please note other answer on this post verifying this to work in Win 10!

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So frustrating. No difference between 32 bit (x86) versus 64 bit LibOff, for 3 years under 64 bit Win 8 and 10, and under Ubuntu 64 bit OS, using the last 3 years of LibO downloaded from this site, libreoffice.org, ALWAYS & CONSISTENTLY fails to recognize or connect to any version of MS Access database formats. Always the exact same infuriating (and unhelpful) errors result:
"The connection to the data source “Media 20180420” could not be established. SQL Status: HY000
The connection could not be created. May be the necessary data provider is not installed.

So my original question remains: What exactly do I need to “install” and from what source to overcome this error??? I’ve attempted and failed to connect to both unencrypted and encrypted personal Access database files and formats, last opened in Access 2007 and Access 2010, files extension of .ACCDB… Doesn’t seem to matter what versions of OS, LibO, or target file encryption status. Not a happy camper. Thanks anyway. Hoping for further advice and guidance from community.