ODC (Office Data Connection)

Is there something analogous to ODC in LibreOffice? If so how is it accessed by other programs?

Thank you.


I think this should be marked as a bug, could be easily reproduced,

just start a text doc
save it as odt
add a diagram
libreoffice leaves the focus on the diagram
save the document, and a dialog appears with the new extension (odc) selected, looks like libreoffice is trying to save the diagram not the full document
If you didn’t notice that change, if you are a novice user that don’t fully understand the difference between those extension, you could think than that is ok and you will keep editing and saving, now you are doomed, all those changes after that are lost because libreoffice can’t open the odc file…

This answer has nothing to do with the question. The file extension .odc stands for OpenDocument Chart. And I think in 6.2 the described behaviour (saving a chart to a separate file) is eliminated.

I see several new people today that have created new accounts and immediately posted some strange answers to questions 3-5 years old. I suspect them preparing a foundation to later edit the answers to turn them to spam.