Odd behavior with Num Pad

I have a macro that is triggered with Alt-1. Essentially it copies the value from the previous cell into the current cell and then moves down the number of rows between the current and previous cell. The macro is fine with Alt-1, where the one is from the top row of the keyboard. If I use Alt-1 with the 1 from the Num Pad, an ASCII character 9786 appears in the new cell: :relaxed:

Why should the Alt-1 from the numeric pad be different from Alt-1 from the top row of the keyboard when they both call the same macro?

This is not a LibreOffice feature but a Windows feature (similar feature exists for macOS).

an ASCII character 9786


Nitpick: it’s a Unicode character :wink:

Because the numeric keypad sends different key codes. The digit 1 result is only for unmodified keys the same, keys pressed together with modifier keys are different. The result may depend on the operating system.