Odd inability to open files

I am having difficulty viewing files in Calc and Base on Unbuntu 18.04. In contrast, Writer files are viewable without issue.

The Base and Calc files SEEM to open, meaning the Calc/Base icons appear in the sidebar and the file windows are listed when I right click (as well as being listed in the writer “windows” section), but both the Base and Calc programs don’t seem to actually open / the files are not viewable. Nothing much is viewable except “libreoffice calc” (or base) at the top of the screen in the menu bar and the option to quit. the windows that appear in minimized form in the side bar view are basically invisible, except for a strange very thin line in the middle of the window (that is hard to describe) with a white dot at the bottom. I have tried reinstalling both.

This has been a hard problem for me to research. Does anybody have any ideas? Thanks.


You do not specify what LO version you are using. You may want to try resetting the user profile. See → LibreOffice user profile. Cannot see reinstalling being of any help. It appears you are using the distro version of LibreOffice.

Also, this thin line and dot, does the mouse cursor change at all when moved over it? If so, when it changes try a left mouse button and drag possibly to a larger frame.

Does this occur on new and existing Calc and Base documents?

If no further progress, can you post an image of what you see with this line and dot?