Odd paste result from Browser to Calc

trying copy-paste the whole page from this link with this procedure:

  1. open the page below

  2. Select-All (or Ctrl+a)
  3. Copy (Ctrl+c)
  4. Open Calc
  5. Paste (Ctrl+v) , and click “OK” when a popup dialog appear.

It not crash, but result is far form expected.

Paste to excel only generate 8 columns, but paste to LO calc generates 800+ columns.

Browser: FF and Chrome

Platform: both LO for Windows and Linux

I’m on Linux Mint 13 at the moment, with LO Calc If I CTL-A to get the whole page (using browser FF 21.0 for copy), in Calc I end up with the farthest right/bottom cell being AEM523. I expect that’s something like what you’re looking at!

However, if I use “Paste special”, and check the “merge delimiters” option:

then it pastes in just fine:

However, if in the first place I actually select the table only (with mouse, dragging, etc.), from the header line to the end of the table, and paste that into Calc, I get a nice table with columns A-H, and 501 rows, exactly as expected.

Which version of LibreOffice are you running, by the way?

I use Ubuntu 13.04 with LO 4,0.2.2 already packed.

I use LO packed with ubuntu 13.04

@Paijo - and did you try the “paste” using the “Merge Delimiters” option? If so, what was your result?

Paste delimiter work well.
The problem still exist on the report page (table) generated by java. When I click view source on web-based application my company uses, the source only some java scripts. I don’t understand java script to generate table. But normal html or php table not a problem. I already request the software vendor to enable downloading csv text file or something like that as additional format.