Oddly corrupted file

Using a thumb drive, I recently transferred thousands of document files from my laptop to a new desktop (both running Windows 10). All went well except for one .doc file – 123KB, about 15,000 words on 30+ pages – which, when opened on the desktop, was only four pages long, and several lines on the last page were distorted, as if superimposed on each other. When I went back to the laptop, there were some similar anomalies on the last few pages, but most of the 30+ pages in the document were intact. I recopied it to a thumb drive, but when I reopened it in the desktop, only four pages showed up (just like last time). The same thing happened when I tried emailing it to myself.

The only explanation I can come up with for why the identical document appears differently on the two machines is that I’m running Libreoffice v. on the desktop and v. on the laptop. Does it make sense that a slightly older version would display such a file more fully?

More important: Any advice on how to repair the file? Thanks!

More important: Any advice on how to repair the file? Thanks!

I’d try to save the file using .odt format (File -> Save As) on your laptop ( - if I got that right): Transfer the converted file to your new system and check for completeness (and consider to consequently use ODF format when working with LibreOffice)

Is it really a *.doc file or an *.odt?

You could also try GitHub - unoconv/unoconv: Universal Office Converter - Convert between any document format supported by LibreOffice/OpenOffice. to convert the doc into a odt and hope for the best.

But make sure to make a backup.

A good suggestion, thanks! The relatively intact (though still corrupted) document made it to my desktop once I saved it as an .odt. I’m still puzzled, though, about why only four pages of the .doc version will open on the desktop (as opposed to the laptop).