Odf to gdoc

Is there a way of converting or saving odf files as gdoc files so that I can read them on my Google Drive

Google Drive supports ODF without any problem (in fact, Google recommends ODF over Microsoft’s formats and is a pretty strong advocate of ODF), though the online editor does not have a very large feature set (no custom styles, etc.) When you upload a document and choose to edit it in Google Drive, the service will offer you to convert the document to Google Drive’s internal format, which in principle has no issues with ODF. The document can later be exported to ODF again and downloaded. The only caveat is that only the Google Drive’s premade styles are applied (I do not know if custom styles already present in the document are retained or removed).

If you want tight integration between your office suite and Google Drive, many services and apps exist, but I do not know much about that.

As of 2012, apparently Google wasn’t doing too great a job of supporting ODF file formats on their various platforms:

It sounds like there has been some confusion surrounding ODF support for Google Drive. One user suggests changing upload settings so that they “Convert uploaded files to google docs format.” Read more here:

@sbromber – Have you had specific problems getting your ODF files to interoperate with Google Drive, or are you just curious?

How unfortunate! I had not realised that. The situation is very disappointing. Here is my wild speculation: perhaps they stopped supporting direct editing of ODF in Google Drive because they had to make the Gdoc format more similar to OOXML, hence breaking previous methods of handling ODF?