Odm files are corrupted in Google Drive

Not sure if this constitutes a bug as I haven’t been able to replicate the behaviour in a regular C: folder, but I’ve found an issue with “odm” master documents when stored in a Google filestream folder. The problem appears unique to “odm” format.

The folder has a subfolder called sections and the document parts are currently stored in sections.

It appears that I can create and save the “odm” file.
Subsequently I can “save as” the file as a new file.
HOWEVER if I use a regular save to update the file then it becomes corrupt in some way. Corruption can be detected with a 7-ZIP “test” and appears to report a mix of CRC errors and truncation. One recoverable error is “there are some data after the payload data”

There are also some errors I can get while saving, though I don’t know the trigger it appears that if one save fails then subsequent attempts will also fail even if using “save as” to a new filename.

Another factor that may be significant is that file properties for one test file is reporting “this file came from another computer” so I’m going to try clearing that in case the lock is interfering with saving?

Also on a test of loading and saving I got “Error saving the document test save2:
General Error.
General input/output error.”