Ods backedup file corrupted when downloaded from flashdrive

Hello. I backed up my files to restore my macOs and now one of my ods is not opening in my ubuntu. Somehow it seems corrupted in the flashdrive. It’s strange because I have other ods and they work fine. The original file in the flash drive was never opened, always a copy in the computer. I’ve tried in my ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS and Windows 10 in wich I have already used Kernel with no success.
and I have two files.

._orçamentos Agosto - Dezembro 2023.ods (4 KB)

Can someone help me. It is a very important file.

orçamentos Agosto - Dezembro 2023.ods (1.1 KB)

The first file is just a lock file but it indicates that the file was not closed, or not closed properly, otherwise it would have been deleted on closing the file before it was copied to the flash drive.

The other file is 1.1 kB and so is likely to be incomplete as it is too small. Possibly the file was opened from the flash drive and was partially saved when the flash drive was pulled out. A temporary file might remain on the computer from which the file was opened. Check the path for temporary files and then look for folders in the temporary folder starting with lu about the same date as last successful opening of the file

This page might help in future, Preventing data disaster - The Document Foundation Wiki

I had a quick look at the .ods file using Notepad, it contains the phrase com~apple~CloudDocs as well as book mark, could it be stored in Apple Cloud?