Odt. file corrupted with message: SAXExeption: Word/document.xml line2

Hi, everyone
I’m reaching out to seek assistance regarding a LibreOffice Writer document that I’m unable to open due to corruption issues.
The document appears to be corrupted when I tried to open it in the .odt format. When I try in .docx this message appears: SAXExeption: Word/document.xml line2

Given the importance of the information contained within this document, I’m turning to this community for help and guidance on potential solutions or methods to recover the data.

If anyone has encountered a similar issue before or has expertise in file recovery or LibreOffice troubleshooting, I would greatly appreciate any assistance or advice you can provide.

Thank you in advance for your time and support.

Best regards,

Please upload your document here. Thank you.

Introducción TFG_v1_MCL_21h.docx (41.9 KB)

Note that it’s not “Odt”, as the title says.

Thank you so much!
Yes, sorry if I upload the .docx file. I was really paranoic with the file and my last try to open it was in this format.

Could you give any advice to avoid this problem? Or could you tell me what was wrong in my file?

Again, 100000x thanks

A golden rule valid with any application: always work in native format

Use ODT when working with Writer. ODT is its native file format. DOCX is an external file format.

The file was corrupt by LibreOffice on save - we obviously have a problem in exporting some kinds of tracked changes (that you use in the file), when combined with specific kinds of fields. That is why it is important to have the file saved as ODT first; and only when you need to sent your work to someone who for some reasons can’t use ODT, then save a copy to DOCX. If that copy happens corrupted, you always have the original, and you always have an option, say, to send a PDF at least.

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Introducción TFG_v1_MCL_21h.docx (42.2 KB)

Thank you !

Thanks for uploading. I think when the Professional @mikekaganski finds time, he will take a look at it.

Remark 1: this is no solution to initial question and must not be posted as an Answer. Please either edit your question to attach the file to it, or repost as a comment under the question.
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Remark 2: your document is DOCX and you’re on a LO site. Even if this DOCX has been created with Writer, we’re sorry but we can’t guarantee success of any fix because DOCX knowledge results from retro-engineering and guesses, only best effort.

Remark 3: when posting here always mention OS name, exact LO version (with full 4 numbers at least) and save format (we know now it is DOCX).

If you are in a hurry, open the document as if it were a .zip and extract document.xml from it. Remove XML paraphernalia and you’ll get plain text contents without formatting.

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Sorry for all the mistakes! This is my first post and, certainly, i am quite lost.

But thank you for all the help.

Then you might find This is the Guide… to be a useful resource.

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