Odt files locked of something?

i saved a file, dont know what im doing, im not tech savty and have impaormentsi o get confused

not sure what librei have? im guessing writer or office

i cant get the file to open properly, i get writing instead of thwhat i saved
i trignt o figure out how to add a poicture

That is a lock file you have opened, it is not your original file. You need to open bathroom photos use this one.odt.
You might find it under File menu in Recent Documents.
You seem to have saved it to an unusual place, next to the user folder at C:/Users/deb/Appdata/Roaming/LibreOffice/4 which might be hidden from you.

thaks, i tried under recent whatecer itrs called and it still opens like this instead of showing the actual document

I dont know why its saving there, i didnt purposfluuy make it save like htat . I seem to have lot of things i look for that are hidden

eg somethimes rthings only show up when i search for them and they are in somerthing called flies ,but i have no idea how to find this files section

im using a laptop running windows 7 and google chrome

i struggle to use a computer and have limited tech ability

i dont have anyone to help

updating to add when I search for the name you called the document I found this
how do I stop these locked files or whatever they are from saving please?

and how do i find the files folder?

These files are deleted automatically, if you finish editing the “bathroom photos use this one.odt”. And if not, delete 'em, while LibreOffice is closed.

Lock files are normally deleted when the file is closed; if the file is not closed properly, such as a crash, it might still exist when LO is shut. In that case the lock file can be deleted.
For the current issue click on either of the actual file shortcuts to open it.

Then Save as to Documents folder (might be called My Documents) where it will be easy to find. Cheers, Al

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