ODT -- will not present images

I have a sudden and global problem with images in ODT files. I have inspected the Pictures Directory inside the ODT file (renames as a zip). There are many image files there, so do not think they are “lost or missing”. When any and all odt files are open, any images are presented as “empty containers” that have text in the upper left corner of the pattern: “Image” If I look at properties of the image box, The “Image Tab” displays the image that should be presented. Also, if I invoke the “edit image in external tool”, the expected image is shown in this tool. However, all image “controls” are presented as being empty. And this is not only in a single file, but in all ODT files. This happened to all documents suddenly after “some other and completely non-related document” was recovered by the program. This problem is suddenly impacted literally hundreds of ODT files. Each and all of them are showing this incorrect behavior. What the heck has happened on a global/system level to do this? Are these files at all restorable, or has the dog eaten quite literally “a year’s worth of homework”?

Confused and Concerned , but not yet angry :slight_smile:

Check the setting for Display / Images and Objects under Tools | Options | LibreOffice Writer | View (Preferences | LibreOffice for Mac)

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I dont know how i touched this , but that doea not matter. :grin:Thank you very much for the quick fix!

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