Off-line help for ver 5.4 win64

I am finding that the offline help files are not consistent with the Libre Office programme.
e.g. When I try to find how to use a background colour behind my text, the help file directs me to
Format-Character-background tag. The tag is actually called HIGHLIGHTING.
Maybe I have the wrong offline help file.

Help (both online and offline) is out-of sync, yes. We need help authors badly.

Core developers need to show initiative: prepare infrastructure, present problems, provide tools, document what needs to be done and then send public call for, let’s say, July as a starting date. Few individuals can’t fix this, team can. Every patch worth documenting, should be documented before merging. This site has good questions and answers - that should be included in documentation also (where appropriate and needed). Could you agree on this?


  1. The infrastructure is already there. We have documentation teams - those volunteers who do the job. They can help anyone who also volunteers. Just join them, and you will be given clear tasks, tools etc.
  2. If we go the route of documenting everything before submitting, we will end up where Sun and AOO ended: no progress at all.

Answer would be to report enhancement request at Bugzilla, but: you could make account at LibreOffice wiki and edit on-line help by fixing inconsistencies you bump into.

The help pages are not editable that way by anyone, though are displayed as wiki - that is only artifact of used infrastructure. Btw, in the next version, the “wiki” appearance will go away.