Office 5: in Calc, can't change font for all text in table pasted from Writer

In Writer, I have a table with Arial size 12 text.

I copy-paste it into Calc.

Then, in Calc, I select all and change font to Verdana size 10.

Most cells change fine, but some stay Arial size 12.

I have to go individually through each glitchy cell to change font.

Can you reproduce this on your Office 5?

Does Office 6 have the same issue?

Probably yes, in Version: (x86), at least if pasting from an external source does what I experienced after converting a .wks to .ods. The cell’s actual font differed from what was shown at the top after selecting that cell. Behavior stopped after clearing the formatting. This seems like a bug so I wonder why the recommendation is to clear formatting rather than getting the bug fixed. Or perhaps the clear formatting recommendation was just as a workaround until then.

This post is very old and should probably not be continued. The behaviour of Calc may also have changed since times of V5.x or whatever.

On the other hand the thread may be revisited anyway, and there never was this hint:

If a range of cells is selected, Calc doesn’t try to change attributes set only for parts of textual content of cells. A change concerning attributes including the font is only applied to the first part (text portion) in such a case (and by that “to the cell” in the sense of a new default when it gets typed in something overwriting the previous content).

Concerning a single cell the action even depends on whether it only has the focus or is explicitly selected. I seriously doubt if this behaviour is clearly specified anywhere.

Always try ro work in a way making you independent of such minor details which may be changed without notion probably.

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It is really recommended to switch to a current LibreOffice version.

Download / Download LibreOffice

Before you change your text in Calc, you should select it and choose Format>Clear Direct Formatting from the menu. Then try changing your text as desired