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I use both Excel and Calc on two different installations, even using the latest version installed with Mint Cinnamon, Calc and other Libre Office applications feel a bit clunky, part of this I think is the loading of a background environment when you load a document for the first time - periodically I have a look to see if there is an option to disable, but haven’t found one yet, not sure what purpose this application serves - it has the most recent documents in the main window, on the left Libre Offcie applications.

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Hi @Wallpaper, don’t you want to see the most recent ones listed?

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Recent documents is something I use very occasionally but most of the time I load from a file location directly, it also adds another check box to each app.

Its not a problem, more of a question as this feature is absent on MS Office.

Normally I would search Google for an answer but in this case not knowing what its called didn’t help in this regard, cheers

It is known as the Start Centre; click the link for related topics.

Fab, that’s a great help, I’ll have a read through those links tomorrow.

You can increase the apparent speed when opened the very first time by doing what MS Office does, load on boot. You can set this in Tools > Options > LibreOffice > General > LibreOffice Quickstarter, tick the box Load LibreOffice during system start-up

Note if you close LibreOffice completely it will be unloaded from memory, unlike MS Office, most of which which seems to be hidden in the operating system components.

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What makes you think that it loads the start center when you load the file directly from your file manager? No, it does not. The start center is a separate component in LibreOffice (similar to how Writer, Draw and Math are separate components); and any component is only loaded when it’s requested to load. Opening a document directly would only detect the opened file type, and then load the component used to handle the document. Of course, when you will close the last open file (without also closing LibreOffice), it will load the start center for you. (By the way, this specific of operation - inability to load start center at any wanted time, but only when all files are closed, - is considered a bug by some - tdf#77590.)

So - this is trying to solve an imagined cause of a real problem.

‘What makes you think that it loads the start center when you load the file directly from your file manager?’

When clicking on a document say Calc, there is a Libre logo splash screen which I assumed was the Start centre loading in the background, also if you close the Start Centre by clicking X which sits above loaded document it closes both, document and Start Centre.

Initially I had Libre Office on both Windows 10 and Mint Cinnamon, but it was too slow on Windows (see previous posts) so ended up with both.

Its not a major problem but because I am switching back and forth it is quite noticeable, reading the threads posted above it is indeed woven in so not an option to disable…

I do like the clean aesthetic of Excel/Office which many try to emulate with Libre Office, myself included, this was one of the components that stood out when trying this exercise.

Just to add a bit more background which may make my setup different to vanilla installs, for recent files these appear elsewhere on Mint at the Start menu, I have also saved Calc and Write templates allowing a right click to create a new document on its own without loading anything else. These are routines copied across from Office which I find indispensable and may explain my lack of usage for anything else. cheers

Tis’ gone, so it is :upside_down_face:

Downloaded Ubuntu 24.04 and noticed Calc just loads by itself, no background Start Centre or splash screen, much better imo looks a lot smoother :+1: