Office No work

Thats faboulous. You Guys justmade me do the samethings 3 times. So youra really good, at pissing me off!!
4th time: mys q is: downloadet libre office from home page, where there apparently is No choice for Android., but only possible to download for win and Linux. Ended up with a very rudimentary collabara office, where nothing works. So please dont waste mere of My patience…

Before you download any software, get informed to avoid situations like this. And while I understand your anger and frustration, you’re barking up the wrong tree. All people who hang out here, are users like you.

Is this “World Day of Silly Ranting”?
See What!! I already wrote on the previous page...... Start over??!!
I wouldn’t claim everything was better when I was young. I was brought up in a city damaged by bombing to an incredible degree.
But probably even @kklaus should start making things better independent of his opinion concerning the past.
And, please, don’t waste our time.